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Facility information

  • Hot springs and large communal baths

    The hot spring water that is self-spraying from Mt Myoko is poured 100% as it is without any circulation or additional hot water.
    After a few kilometers of traveling from the source of 50 degrees north Jigokudani, the temperature will reach 40 to 42 degrees by the time the bathtub is filled.
    Since it does not add water, the hot spring ingredients overflow from the sprue as it is.

    The hot water of this facility may contain white or black substances called "Yuka".
    This is a phenomenon seen in hot springs that contain a lot of effective ingredients.
    Enjoy a real hot spring that is not filtered, overheated or circulated.
    Hot spring bath hours
    From 15:00 to 9:00(In the winter ~ until the next 8 o'clock)
    Hot spring bathing category
    Male and female baths differ in size.It may be replaced depending on the situation.
    Hot spring qualities
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