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About visit by car in winter

  • ■Notes during winter
    Akakura / Myoko area has a lot of snow from mid-December to March.
    When coming by car, be sure to wear winter-only studless tires.
    During heavy snow, chains were required on certain sections of highways and national roads.
    In the Niigata Prefecture Joetsu area, the 25km section between the Arai parking area on the Joshin-etsu Expressway the Shinanomachi interchange is designated.
    Please bring a chain with you as a precaution.

    ■Precautions when using car navigation
    When a car navigation system is set up at this facility, it is often instructed in winter that the route arrives through a slope that can cause the car to stop moving.
    Therefore, please refer to the map below and come on a safe road while avoiding routes that are expected to be dangerous.
    In the unlikely event that the car cannot move, please contact JAF and other road services.

    ■About parking lot
    Parking in front of the hotel is limited.You may stay on a first-come-first-served basis and be guided to a pay parking lot.
    At that time, it may be a distant place about 5 minutes on foot.The hotel will pay the parking fee.

【About cigarettes】

  • From the spring of 2016 onwards, the entire building will be non-smoking without permission, and the smoking area will be only near the ashtray located at the main entrance.
    We are very sorry for the outdoors, thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
    In the unlikely event that you smoke in this facility, it will be difficult to provide the room to the next guest, inconvenience to other users, and the room cleaning fee will be charged separately. You may.Please note.