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Overnight Stay Plan

  • <From the lowest price of the hotel from 3000 yen>Only Room/ No Meals Included☆Recommend to those who value price anyway! Because of the popular plan, please make an early reservation.

    ◆◇The lowest price in the hotel! From 3240 yen of surprise◇◆
    Akakura is full of skiing and snowboarding in winter.
    Winter and scenery and also how to enjoy 180 degrees in different seasons
    , Thought to want to come to Akakura Onsen
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  • <To open hot spring 200 years of history Akakura Onsen>A mountain & seafood chef's basic plan☆Traveling with rustic people, taste, scenery _.

    ◆◇The scenery heals the mind, the famous hot springs relaxing the body ... ◇◆
    Thanks to you, Akakura Onsen marked the 200th anniversary of the open Akakura Onsen.
    Akakura Onsen Spring is a precious famous hot spring that combines two spring quaContinue reading
  • <Takada Castle millions Hanami plan>Breathtaking pink color☆A fantastic cherry world will spread _.

    ◇◆Enjoy the famous hot Akakura Onsen of Japan Three Great Nights Sakura &Akakura Onsen! ◆◇
    Million-Visitor Cherry Blossom Festival the name of the Million-Visitor Cherry Blossom Festival, the annual attendance is over 1 million.
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  • Eating Uesugi Kenshin related land, local cuisine of Joetsu / Myoko"Sasa-zushi Sushi".Put your favorite ingredients on delicious rice in Niigata ...

    ◆◇What is Local cuisine "Sasa-zushi Sushi" (Sasazushi)? ◇◆
    Sasa-zushi Sushi puts sushi rice on the leaves of Kumazasa, such as wild vegetables and river fish
    It is about sushi dish which used familiar ingredients
    Do you know everyone?
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